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Energy-efficient cars for everyone   Energy-efficient cars for everyone  05.02.2015
The latest developments in electric mobility and vehicles with low CO2 emissions will be e’mobile’s focus at the 85th Geneva International Motor Show. The event will be held from March 5 to 15 in Geneva. E’mobile will share booth 5141 with Electrosuisse, SwissEnergy, Green Motion, Groupe E, Protoscar, Volvo and VW. Press kit... / click...

1000 charging stations in Switzerland   1000 charging stations in Switzerland  15.01.2015
The network of public charging stations for electric vehicles is growing fast. 1000 charging stations are now registered in the first Swiss national database, which is also part of the European network. The LEMnet.org database was established by the aggregation of the data in a cross-border cooperation from e'mobile, the Swiss Association for electric and efficient vehicles, and the LEMnet Europe Association. The project is supported by SwissEnergy. Directory... / click...

   Annual meeting and general assembly of e’mobile in Zurich  01.07.2014
The annual meeting of the Association e'mobile 2014 takes place after the general assembly on Thursday, August 28, 2014 from 15.30 at the ETHZ in Zurich. "Drivetrain in the car of the future" is this year's conference title. With Christopher Onder, Andrea Vezzini and Ulrich Schwesinger we were able to win three competent speakers. In the morning the laboratory of the Institute for Dynamic Systems and Control and the Autonomous Systems Lab at ETHZ can be visited. click ....

   Day-to-day Use of Electric Cars: Costs – Range – Charging Stations  24.03.2014
The association e’mobile has launched the «KORELATION» project to analyse the users’ day-to-day experience and the current potential use of e-cars. Empirical data collected in Switzerland will help strengthen trust in the new technology among potential buyers and dealers. First results are available in the abstract of the 1st Preliminary Report. click....

   Brochure for electromobility and infrastructure  06.09.2012
The associations e'mobile, Electrosuisse and VSE, in collaboration with other professional organizations have compiled the most important information on charging infrastructure for electric vehicles from e-cars to e-bikes. The brochure is aimed at drivers, dealers, installers, architects and other interested parties. click...

   Up-to-date information  28.05.2009
For more news and information on efficient vehicles please see the corresponding German and French websites of e'mobile.

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