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   Electromobility and solar power  10.03.2017
In 2017, e'mobile organizes around a dozen of its exhibitions "Electromobility and solar power". The public can be advised neutrally on e-mobility by driving electric vehicles without obligation and directly comparing different models on the spot. The next events are - 6 May: Sursee, 13 May: Heerbrugg, 20 May: Burgdorf. For more information: klick.... / concept

e’mobile booth at the Geneva Motor Show 2017   e’mobile booth at the Geneva Motor Show 2017  23.02.2017
At the Geneva Motor Show from 9 to 19 March 2017 e’mobile and its partners were showcasing some of the latest exciting trends building up particularly around electric vehicles including charging infrastructure. Beside attractive cars and technologies of its booth partners, e’mobile presented exclusively its Green Cars List, a must-have motor show guide for energy-efficient vehicles. Press kit / click...

   Brochure for electromobility and infrastructure  06.12.2016
The associations e'mobile, Electrosuisse and VSE, in collaboration with other professional organizations have compiled the most important information on charging infrastructure for electric vehicles from e-cars to e-bikes. The brochure is aimed at drivers, dealers, installers, architects and other interested parties. click...

   Up-to-date information  02.10.2016
For more news and information on efficient vehicles please see the corresponding German and French websites of e'mobile.

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