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Press Release - Early Highlights in Switzerland in 2002

2002 started in Switzerland with several events with a major impact on the development of the electric and efficient vehicles market. The VEL2 project in Canton Ticino in southern Switzerland has opened three more information centers in Bellinzona, Lugano and Locarno all in collaboration with the local electricity suppliers. This brings the number of regional information centers to four including the first one in Mendrisio. The VEL2 project thus has become well and truly a cantonal project and makes sustainable mobility a reality in Ticino. For further information see www.vel2.ch.

In the German speaking part of Switzerland electric two wheelers are on the forefront with the launching of the nationwide program NewRide promoting market introduction of e-bikes and e-scooters. This program started one year ago in Canton Bern. Six towns and more than a dozen companies have participated in promoting the use of these efficient vehicles in town and for commuting. Meanwhile the Canton Basle-Town and the town of Zurich have joined in. Several other towns intend to take part shortly. For more information see www.newride.ch.

The Swiss association for electric and efficient vehicles, e'mobile, offered once again information on electric and environmentally sound vehicles at its information stand at the International Motor Show in Geneva where several electric and hybrid electric vehicles have been exhibited.

The next highlight coming up is the conference «Voiture et Cité de demain» at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne on 24th of April. Specialists and politicians mainly from the French speaking part of Switzerland will discuss the future relation of cities and cars. For more details see here.


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