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Ecocar premieres and proven success models

Press release, 2 February 2007

Besides the two successful hybrid cars Toyota Prius and Honda Civic Hybrid the e'mobile association will be presenting a light-weight design study of the Horlacher AG as well as two new models of electric vehicles named «Greeny» produced by the Reva Electric Car Company.

«Greeny» - a renaissance of electric citycars

Present for the first time ever at the77th international automobile show in Geneva, the Indian electric car manufacturer Reva presented by the German company VisionGreen, sets great emphasis on low consumption, affordable pricing as well as a generous equipment for a car in its price segment. With an equivalent of one liter per 100km the 680kg lightweight Greeny AC1 has a particularly low consumption and surprises with unusual all-inclusive extras for its price range. Leather seats, leather steering wheel, MP3 radio and alloy wheels are included in the standard specification of the easily maneuverable electric car. Greeny fills the current gap of four wheel electric vehicles in the price range of up to CHF 20'000 in the Swiss market.

The electric car that has sold over 2000 times worldwide will be available for purchase in Switzerland with its launch at the Geneva automobile show. Produced by the Reva Electric Car Company in the Indian electronics capital Bangalore the Greeny AC1 is a 2+2-seater that has been especially designed for city traffic and low-distance driving conditions. The small car is equipped with a lead-acid battery and a maintenance-free AC motor with a highly efficient drive train.

The second electric car exhibited in Geneva for the first time is the world premiere Greeny AC1 Z, a concept car which has been the result of the cooperation with a number of Swiss companies. Based on the Greeny AC1 the Swiss electronics expert Paul Schweizer supported by the Swiss Federal Ministry for Energy developed the Greeny AC1 Z with the maintenance-free Zebra battery made by the Swiss company MES-DEA. The concept car is 150kg lighter and its increased range of 110-140km is almost twice as high as the one of its serial counterpart.

New and fresh approaches are also obvious in the design aspects of Greeny. In the trend conscious capital London, both, the unusual Retro-Style as well as the animal prints which are available as Limited Editions are particularly popular. One of the eye-catching special prints "tiger", "zebra" and "leopard" will also be exhibited at the stand of E'mobile in Geneva.

New technologies for reducing fuel consumption and emissions

Geneva 2007 is one of the most important international automobile shows presenting new technologies for low fuel consumption and low emissions. A list of stands with vehicles with alternative fuel and propulsion systems will be available at the Ecocar stand and at information desks of the Geneva automobile show. Together with CNG cars as presented by Gasmobil AG the Ecocar stand 5.242 in hall 5 offers an important point of contact for everyone interested in efficient and low emission vehicles and new fuel solutions.

Further information: Susanne Wegmann, director e’mobile, +41 (0)31 560 39 93 swegmann@e-mobile.ch

Photos: Greeny and Livio

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