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e’mobile booth at the Geneva Motor Show 2017

Media release:  Fehraltorf, 23 February 2017

Electric vehicles: From Fun Cars to Range Boosters

There’s something going on in the energy-efficient mobility. Excitement is building up particularly in the EV arena, with leading car manufacturers announcing the expansion of their electric vehicle offers. E’mobile’s booth at the 2017 Geneva International Motor Show is showcasing some of these exciting trends: Opel is set to be under the spotlight in the second half of the year when it launches its Ampera-e, boosting impressive range, while Hyundai is gaining momentum in the EV market with its IONIQ Electric. Fun-to-drive city cars are also in evidence: Tazzari, with its City-Flitzer or the funny Microlino with innovative smartphone control, makes driving both practical and fun. The e-Roadster from Kyburz can be used with or without its waterproof folding hardtop. Swiss Post is introducing its newly organized full-service fleet management for energy-efficient and low-cost fleet administration. GreenMotion SA and Groupe E provide charging systems and charging networks for reliable battery recharging.

Fehraltorf, February 23, 2017 – This year, e’mobile, a technical society of Electrosuisse focusing on efficient mobility, is showcasing at its booth at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show an attractive selection of recent market developments in the energy-efficient car industry, especially electric vehicles. There are exciting new launches from all segments. e’mobile is also bringing new items to the show: a new edition of the popular Market Trends brochure, developed for SwissEnergy and available at the booth as well as the "Green Cars" flyer, the must-have motor show guide for energy-efficient vehicles.

Efficient and sustainable fleet management

Swiss Post is well-known for its expertise covering from small motorcycles to semitrailers. In February 2017, the company launched its full-service fleet management of around 22,000 vehicles under the new company name "Post Company Cars AG". The new organisation continues to offer sustainable, extremely flexible and modular solutions, and can also provide full fleet management, as required. Post Company Cars AG is an independent brand, manufacturer and supplier. It focuses on fleet optimization taking into account economic and environmental aspects.

Opel and the new Ampera-e

Opel is attracting a lot of attention with its enhanced version of the Ampera. The new Ampera-e stands out for its its electrical range of 520 km (according to NEFZ). “The Amperae is your electric car for daily use”, says Opel CEO Karl-Thomas Neumann. The EV from Rüsselsheim has been recently awarded the 2017 International Paul Pietsch Award for innovative technology. During spring of 2017, Ampera-e is planned to be introduced into potential new markets such as Norway, Germany, the Netherlands, France, and Switzerland according to its predetermined production capacity. The countries with appropriate charging infrastructure will be given priority.

Hyundai IONIQ – fun and efficient

Hyundai is under the spotlight with its fully-electric middle-class family car. The IONIQ Electric promises a range of 280 km with a 28 kWh battery pack and maximum speed of 165 km/h. While discreet to the eye, it offers plenty of passenger and driver comfort at an attractive price.

Fun-to-drive city cars

Microlino is set to revolutionize urban traffic: two seats, 450 kg and a range of 100 km is what sets this mini electric car apart. Navigation, charging status and music are all controlled via smartphone. The built-in speakers can also be used as portable Bluetooth boxes outside the vehicle. Microlino is developed through a joint-venture with Tazzari. Bosch provided the two modified 7.5 kW engines installed in this light-weight vehicle, ensuring high performance and low costs.

Tazzari EV Zero Emission, the Italian contribution to fun and efficient driving, is also showcased at e’mobile’s booth. Boosting a range of 194 km with a 14.2 kWh battery pack, it sets a new record in terms of value in its category. The Tazzari has been continuously enhanced for 11 years, and offers an attractive alternative for urban transport. The Tazzari can be customized with over 8000 three-colour combinations and 15 additional colours for the interior.

Kyburz’s eRod “with wings”

The eRod goes from a roadster to a gullwinged city car. Now, a hardtop and windshield can be assembled in only a few minutes, turning it into a spectacular gullwing-door EV. This is how the eRod goes from being a purely fun-to-drive roadster to a waterproof electric vehicle for everyday use – while retaining its own style.

Charging infrastructure to meet multiple demands

Green Motion will be displaying its innovative charging infrastructure for private users. The Swiss product will be one of the most cost-efficient options on the market. It will be exhibited together with the new Renault ZOE at e’mobile’s booth. The latest model of the ZOE shines with its 40 kWh battery pack and a range of over 300 km under real conditions. Green Motion operates over 1,100 charging stations for every need all over Switzerland.

Groupe E, Romande Energie and Service Industriels Geneva, together with the Hyundai IONIQ Electric, are showcasing their "MOVE" stations. Along with 30 partners and over 300 easy-to-reach charging stations in Switzerland and access to 15,000 charging stations in Europe, MOVE offers real freedom of movement.

About e‘mobile
e’mobile, a technical society of Electrosuisse, is the technologically and brand-neutral institution for efficient vehicles, such as electric, hybrid and natural gas / biogas cars in Switzerland. It operates as a hub for closer cooperation between the automotive sector, infrastructure providers, energy suppliers and government agencies. We offer brand and product-neutral information and advice, conduct promotional initiatives such as exhibitions and information events, and arrange test drives. For further information, visit www.e-mobile.ch

About Electrosuisse
Electrosuisse is the leading professional association for electrical, energy and information technology in Switzerland. As an accredited and neutral institution, Electrosuisse offers a broad range of services to the whole electronics sector, such as training, consultancy, verification, and certification. Electrosuisse also represents the Swiss economy in the field of electrical engineering before international standardisation and certification bodies, and runs the ESTI Federal Inspectorate for Heavy Current Installations on behalf of the federal government.

For further information and contact:
- e’mobile press releases, including booth partners and photos: www.electrosuisse.ch/autosalon
- Philipp Walser, Head of e’mobile, philipp.walser@electrosuisse.ch

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